Only 25% of people see all the shades of the spectrum

After the incident with the color of the dress to orbit the entire Internet, it became clear that the perception of color, many of us are very much different. In fact, the whole thing in the amount of cones in your eye: it is they act as receptors and their number depends on how many colors in the spectrum, you are different.





Less than 20: You – dichromate, which means that you only have two types of cones. “But do not worry – you’re in good company, because the dogs dichromates” – jokes Professor. Perhaps most of you wear black, beige or blue clothes. 25% of the population – dichromates.

From 20 to 33: You – trachoma, which means that you have three types of cones (you can see a well-shades of purple / blue, green and red spectrum). Everything is fine, because in this category 50% of the population of our planet.

From 33 to 39: Wow, you – tetrachromat! You, as the bees have four kinds of cones and see most of the colors of the spectrum. Chances are you annoying yellow, so it will never be in your wardrobe.

More than 39: Take the test again, because there are only 39 colors, and the screen (unlike the paper version) can be clearly seen only 35.

And how many colors they see are your friends? Compare your results. Maybe all my life you are dealing with tetra Homa tom and do not know what you have it special.


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