Count Your Bracelet Lines On The Wrist … How Many? Here’s What It Means!

You surely notice the lines that are located at the point where your palm meets the rest of the arm. These lines are known as bracelet wrist lines which are also called Rascette lines. They can have few meanings linked to person’s health, its prosperity and fame.

The Metaphysics Knowledge teaches us that the number of bracelets can tell us how long we will live. The more bracelets, the longer you live. The first bracelet points out 23-28 years of life, while the second one 46-56 and the third one 65-84 years of life. The fourth one indicates more than 85 years of life.

Not many people have the forth bracelet line. Usually, people have three bracelets.

Look at your wrist and count how many wrist bracelets you have.


Here is what it means…

The first line is considered as the most important one. The Metaphysics Knowledge tells us that a clear and deep line points out that the individual’s health condition is well and it is also physically fit. In case your bracelet line is unclear and badly formed, it means that you are indulgent and reckless.

This bracelet line also tells much about any health issue.

Women: a gynecological problem difficulty in conceiving and giving birth are represented if the first line curves upwards towards te base of the palm or it is broken.

Men:  the person may have health issues with the urinary and reproductive systems and the prostate if the first line goes upwards towards the middle of the palm or it is broken at some places.

The second wrist line normally represents the wealth, happiness and prosperity of the person. It could be straight, without chain links and bores.

The third wrist line tells much about the person’s fame and name. In case the line is straight without bores or chains also is a sign that the individual is influential.

The fourth wrist line is a support for the third line, usually strengthens it.




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