22+ Unusually-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Look Like Something Else

Have you ever found a fruit or vegetable that looks like something else? We collected another list of the weirdest specimens that look like animals, body-parts, or even people! The ones that look like people are particularly distressing because we have a tendency to anthropomorphize them, or imagine them with other human characteristics.
Submit your own strange fruit and veg photos or vote on your favorite below!



Emo Carrot
A Carrot Bustin A Move


The Evolved Radish


Foot Shaped Radish With Five Toes Goes On Display


Found These Mother And Child Vegetables Sharing A Moment Together In My Garden


A Strawberry Shaped Like A Butterfly


Going To Have To Eat This Chicken As It Hasn’t Laid A Single Bloody Egg Yet


Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls


A Duck-shaped Tomato


A Bear-shaped Potato


A Lemon That Looks Like A Banana


Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear As A Carrot


I Like My Vegetables To Feel The Horror Of Their Fate


The Fruit Gotham Deserves, But Not The One It Needs Right Now


Foot-shaped Carrot


Potato That Look Like A Sheep


This Broccoli Has Something To Say To You


A Long-faced Eggplant


This Pumpkin Stem Looks Like A Dragon!


Owl Apple


Angry Pickle


This Onion Looks Like An Angry Bird


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