This Woman’s Genius Folding Hack Will Forever Change the Way You Pack a Bag

We’re seldom able to travel with just a carry-on bag, which is annoying because that means we have to pay at least $50 to check bags both to and from our destinations, in addition to the price of the plane ticket. Part of that reason is because we’re not so good at luggage Tetris and haven’t mastered how to efficiently pack all the clothes we want to bring when we travel.

But after seeing this viral video posted by Anacleto on Facebook that has more than 22 million views about how to fit almost two weeks’ worth of clothing in a teeny-tiny carry-on, we might finally be able to save that money for something else.

In the video, a woman starts by laying one long-sleeve shirt flat on the ground. She then takes another long-sleeve shirt and lays it in the opposite direction with the arms overlapping the shirt underneath. She does this with eight long-sleeve shirts, a hoodie, and two T-shirts.

She then lays three pairs of pants across the stacks of arms and then lines the middle of the pile with, like, at least nine pairs of socks and a stack of undies. She finishes the stack with two more items that look like they could be leggings or scarves, and then starts to fold.

We’re not really sure how to explain the wizardry she does when folding everything, but we think it can best be described as a kind of wrapping process that results in an organized ball of clothing that you can then neatly place inside your suitcase. If that doesn’t make sense, watch the video above. It’s worth it, we promise.


From: Cosmopolitan


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