7 Women of over 50 and 60 years seems they were much younger (+ photos)

Below we are going to tell you about ladies who can totally destroy your stereotypes about grandmas






Lyudmila Akimova – 52 years (Ukraine)

Lyudmila is 52 years old. In 2014 he received the title of the most beautiful grandmother in the world. The contestants who participated in the competition came from 25 different countries and the only requirement was required was the presence of her grandchildren. Lyudmila demonstrated not only enjoy a great beauty, but also a profound creativity led him to compete parading with a lot of national costumes. These qualities earned him the title as well as international recognition.


Yasmina Rossi – 60 years old (United States)


Yasmina is a prestigious American model of French origins. Although you could think that takes a lifetime dedicated to this, the truth is that his career as a model began when he was 40 years since he devoted his youth to the care of their children. Currently, Rossi has 60 and has become one of the best – known models of their country.



Carmen Dell’Orefice – 84 years old (United States)


Her modeling career began at about the origins of the Second World War , when She was 15 years old. Since then he has not stopped working on what he likes. In fact, it is not surprising that it has entered the Guinness Book of Records for being the model with the longest career. This year in June, turns 85.



Ornella Muti – 61 years old (Italy)


It is hard to believe that one of the brightest stars of Italian cinema has completed 61 years. Ornella Muti is perfectly preserved. After putting all Italy to her feet with his films, Muti has gained great recognition worldwide as it continues to hold the title of one of the most beautiful women.


Ernestine Shepherd – 79 years old (United States)


One of the most famous in the world of female bodybuilding women. Over the past 20 years he has run 9 marathons and has won several bodybuilding competitions. In 2010 and 2011, the Guinness Book of Records included Ernestine Shepard as the world’s oldest bodybuilder.
A few months ago we knew his story in depth, why decided to dedicate himself to this world and what it does to have so much vitality to its 79 years.


Ellen Ector – 63 years old (United States)


63 year old woman who left everything to become a real star in the world of fitness on the Internet. It all began in 2009 when he decided to radically change her life to introduce and train other women in the world of fitness.
Now, this mother of five and grandmother of four grandchildren , has a network of specialized gyms fitness throughout the geography of his country, a producer of fresh juices, a huge army of followers on social networks and, of course, a magnificent figure.


Rita Rusic – 56 years (Croatia)


Actress, film producer and singer. The race Rusic began in 1982 and has since continued to reap successes like the mythical and tear film ‘Life is Beautiful’. To view the photos, no one would dare think that is 56 years old but it has had to make some kind of deal with the devil.





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