16 Hilarious Things Parents Did To Their Babies For Fun

Okay, you’ve pictured it your whole life and here it is. You have your babies and you love them the mostest. You love them and kiss them and hold them and stay up with them and never sleep again… BUT it’s great. When times get tiring and patience is hard to come by, you know you’re doing it right, so why not have some fun? The babies you’re about to see belong to people who took all the stress of parenting and made the best of it by having a laugh. We’re all still kids at heart, and if you’ve got a sense of humor, you’ll get a kick out of this list.

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1. Teamwork Since College

Partnership is how they fell in love and made this baby, so partnership will get them through. This baby will be king of the keg at some frat some day.


2. Trump Supporter?

She may not be able to vote in this election, but some day she could rock an orange tan to match the hair!


3. Tumblr Is One Heck Of A Place

This is one piece of hilarious Tumblr history and a look at what sleep deprivation can do to a person. Early morning feedings and Tumblr don’t mix.


4. Dad Logic Saves Sanity Once Again

I wonder how long it would take a baby this young to figure out it’s stuck? Could be a while.


5. When Dad’s An Engineer And Mom’s Not Home

This is the kind of genius laziness that leads the world. Let’s move on from the laziness that inspired this idea and praise its practicality!


6. Those Old Bones

Remember when Grandma would ask the kids to bend down for things so “these old bones don’t have to do it”? Well, this one might make Grandma bite her tongue a bit. She’s in her 70s, but this baby is easily in her 90s.


7. Titled: “My family did something reddit-worthy today with my baby cousin.”

This was posted to reddit and became an internet favorite. Tag someone in the comments when you share this. We all have a family member who thinks with this wit.


8. Queenie Liao Is A Friggin’ Queen

This woman can do anything. Nap time is usually precious crash time for many moms, but for Queenie (yeah, that’s her name. Cool right?) it’s time to be creative. She poses her son in all sorts of scenes, and they continue to get more and more elaborate. Here, he’s interviewing Obama.


9. A Live Sack Of Giggles

This little guy has his own traveling accommodations, and they can be picked up at a grocery store near you!


10. Googly Eyes Come This Big?!

The kid looks like a cartoon. But where did Mom and Dad find these giant goodly eyes?! (The child in me is super excited.)


11. Kiwi Anyone?

This image was actually viral because it’s so funny and, frankly, true. Babies DO look like kiwi sometimes!


12. Mom Can’t Even Get Her To Wear A Normal Hat…

Some kids hate having things on their head but then, there’s this dad’s creation! So much for not playing with your food.


13. The Son Of Anarchy

Dad should change his name to Anarchy because his son looks as “bad to the bone” as one can get before learning to walk.


14. Bath Time And Art Hour All In One

This is helpful, actually. Why not establish a signature look before the hair even comes in? The beard really brings out her eyes.


15. No, Not Makeup… Snapchat

This is a Snapchat filter that has me cracking up while writing this. I mean, come on!


16. This Kid Looks Like Danny DeVito

Doesn’t matter what you said, it’s funnier when this baby reacts to it.



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