I Saw This Jaguar Approaching The Crocodile, But When They Finally Attack? OMG!!

The Barcroft Media website posted a video of a jaguar attacking and killing a caiman in Brazil’s Pantanal Wetlands. Videographer Sally Eagle filmed the 280 pound cat swimming across the river towards the islet where its prey rested. It then burst out of the water to ambush the eight-foot caiman. Jaguars kill their prey by crushing the skull with a single bite, which is what this jaguar did. The victorious jaguar then carried the dead caiman – which possibly weighed at least as much as it – back across the river to wherever it planned to dine.

The jaguar is the largest cat in the Americas, and they can be found anywhere from Mexico to Argentina. They are an endangered species, and only 15,000 jaguars are believed to live in the wild. They are carnivores and feed on 85 species of prey that can include fish, frogs, deer, tapirs and anything else they can catch. Unlike many cats, jaguars like water and are skilled swimmers.

Caimans are a genus of crocodilians that live in Central and South America. The Pantanal Wetlands are home to roughly 10 million yacare caimans – the world’s highest concentration of crocodilians. Yacare caimans reach an average length of 6.5 to a little over 8 feet long, but large adults can be almost 10 feet long. Jaguars and anacondas sometimes prey on them, and the caimans in turn feed on fish, reptiles, birds and small mammals.


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