Couples Who Really, Really Need To Dial Down The PDA

People who commit PDA are a certain breed, because even normal loved-up people get absolutely infuriated with their OTT attention-grabbing behavior. The phrase “get a room” springs to mind the moment you see a couple using the public terrain as a site for their physical intimacy. It’s unsuitable, it’s unsightly, and these guys are out of control.

They’ve got their arms around each other. Well, part way around each other.





Don’t you just want to grab that tongue and give it a very good yank?


“Can’t a man take a pee in peace anymore?”


If nine tequila shots didn’t kill you, they’ll only make you stronger


PDA = terrible GPA


Get off her. Now


There’s something about that fresh air, and warm grass…


What are you doing down there, girl?


The no hands dance


Those legs are going to be sore


Mountain Dew



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