12 Celebrities Without Makeup

You will be surprised at how different these big names celebrities look without the aid of makeup!







1. Rihanna

Rihanna looks youthful and stunning, even without makeup!



2. Kim Kardashian

We are used to seeing Kim as the made up star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians so when we see her looking “normal” it takes you back. One thing is for certain, she should make sure she keeps her makeup artist on the payroll, they are talented!



3. Eva Longoria

Her smile is fantastic! And she looks a lot younger without any makeup.



4. Penelope Cruz

Penelope is a stunner on the red carpet and this proves what a tan and makeup can do for anyone!



5. Katie Holmes

A bit of lipstick and she would definitely carry the natural look well.



6. Katherine Heigl

Fortunately, Katherine Heigl has good facial features which are prominent even on her “down time”. In fact, a little foundation and she’s good to go!



7. Kristen Stewart

It’s a shame that makeup doesn’t help with the smile reflex…


8. Cameron Diaz

If you thought that Cameron Diaz was gorgeous even without makeup, you were correct. Stunning.


9. Jessica Biel

Jessica is one of the most gorgeous women on earth and it seems her beauty is all natural.



10. Pink

Pink is a beautiful woman. But, despite her name, she shouldn’t go around dressing like a pink bunny…


11. Kirsten Dunst

In this picture Kirsten isn’t looking her best but we still think that she rocks the natural look well.


12. Jennifer Lopez

Perhaps it’s her facial expression but Jen isn’t looking like her usual beautiful self. It’s amazing what makeup can do!


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12 Celebrities Without Makeup
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