Step Aside Rich Kids: Meet the Rich Parents of Instagram

“The Rich Parents of Instagram,” as its name suggests, is an Instagram account which showcases parents who splurge their wealth and boast about their lavish lifestyles through pictures on the social media platform.

The account, which has more than 25,000 followers so far, features photos of one percenter moms and dads living their flashy and sometimes over-the-top lives while hanging out in their private jets, drinking very expensive wine and posing with sports cars, reported Business Insider.










Leyla Milani is an Iranian-Candian actress who founded her company Leyla Milani Hair in 2009. Her husband is real estate mogul Manny Khoshbin.

Most of the content featured on the account are either re-published posts from the wealthy parents’ social media accounts or contributed photos sent in via email or Instagram.




The rich parents featured on the account don’t just gift their kids gaming consoles or the latest gadgets, but they spoil them with Rolex watches and brand new sports cars.




One rich dad gave two diamond-encrusted watches to his “spoilt brat” son, who later shared the photo on Snapchat with the tag “I asked for yacht but k… Thx dad.”

The unnamed account creator said that he noticed the absence of rich parents on social media while the rich kids get tons of exposure when bragging about their luxurious lifestyle.



“I am so fascinated by [the] rich kids of Instagram,” he told Business Insider.

He added: “It was always about [rich] kids so I decided to create something different.”




One rich dad showed off his new $845,000 Porsche 918 Spyder and another dad photographed a McDonald’s meal with the caption “Thought I’d try peasant food” while displaying his Rolex.




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