7 Signs Watching Of Porn Is Already Destroying Your Life…

Signs watching of porn is already destroying your life – Turns out you can have too much of a good thing! Is porn an innocent pastime or an international obsession? According to an Extreme Tech report, 30 percent of all internet traffic involves browsers visiting pornographic websites. With the largest and most popular adult porn site getting 4.4 billion page views per month, singles and couples are spending a lot of time in the world of triple X.

Some indicators that a porn habit is becoming problematic include the following:

1. You’re becoming anti-social. You’d rather lose yourself in porn than be out socializing and meeting other people. You’re excusing yourself from all sorts of activities or are becoming known for unexplained absences. Even if you do manage to get out with humans, you find yourself preoccupied with the porn the second you get home. During family and couple obligations, you find yourself concocting strategies for leaving as soon as possible.

2. You have an inability to be intimate with others. You’re becoming increasingly aware that porn is taking precedence over your desire and abilities to develop or cultivate a relationship with another. You’re spending more time with pornography than socializing with and meeting other people. Overall, your porn obsession is starting to cause family, work, legal, and/or spiritual problems, especially as you’re having more trouble accounting for your time.

3. You’re lying to your partner. While you were once open with your lover, you can now describe your interactions as ones defined by secrecy and dishonesty in trying to hide your passion for porn. Like the other 70 percent of people who keep their porn use a secret, you’re going to great lengths to cover your tracks.

4. You’re only getting turned on to porn stars. As your obsession with fantasy characters grows, you’re finding it hard to get turned on to real people, at least beyond wondering what he’d look like naked or how good she’d look in a sexual position or act. If you’re involved, you no longer consider your partner attractive — at least not sexually.

5. You’re becoming increasingly critical of yourself. You’ve become fixated on how you compare to porn stars. Are you as well hung? Are your breasts as big? Are you, generally, as attractive? You’re objectifying yourself and others. In sizing yourself up against fantasy characters, you’re making yourself miserable and sexually insecure in the process.

6. You have an inability to find anything outside of porn erotic. Your sexual response and desire cannot be activated unless you’re using porn, to the point that you may even be having problems reaching orgasm or attaining erection. When you do have sex, you may be rougher or more demanding, and/or using more degrading language than what is the norm for you.

7. You’re dissatisfied with your sex life. With your expectations around sex, lovers, and intimacy now warped, you’re bored with your own reality. You need more and more stimulation to get sexually excited and experience any kind of release. You’re preoccupied with porn and are emotionally distant with your lover. Your sole interest is anything that resembles pornography and its stars.


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