NAKED ADVERTISING Guess what these nude celebs are selling in these raunchy ads

SMOTHERED in oil and wearing black pants and a skimpy white top, Kylie Jenner has clearly been getting tips from her Kardashian sisters on how to grab our attention.

We told you last week what she was flogging – not that you’d get it from this picture.



Kate Moss
Kate Moss: Water a bit nippy, Kate? You’re hardly going to warm yourself up wearing the stuff you’re selling



Kelly Brook: Keep going to the right, keep going, don’t stop there, or there, further right, further still . . . there, that’s what Kelly’s flogging


Heidi Klum: The German model is maybe a bit too efficient in showing off her colourful side to plug this range. Not that we’re complaining.



Eva Herzigova: She may be somewhere tropical but Eva’s going to regret stripping off so much when it comes to walking through the jungle


Cara Delevingne: Reclining in a plush leather chair, supermodel Cara is clearly all mouth and no trousers when it comes to advertising



Jennifer Aniston: Former Friends star Jen shows she’ll bare all for you – but she won’t need to go to Central Perk if she gets free samples of this particular product.


Source: The Sun


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