She Noticed Black Spots In Her Baby’s Nose. Then She Realized THIS Caused It. You Need To See

One mother noticed that her baby had black dots in her nose. When she realized it was caused from scented candles, mom jumped online and did some research. Scened candles are used often in homes and serve many different purposes. However, they might not be a safe to use as you might think.

Through research, scientists have uncovered that candles can release formaldehyde gas when burned. This is due to an ingredient used to add scent to the candles. And it’s in many of them! That means you are burning poison in your home.



The toxic chemical used in candles is called limonene. It is added to provide a citrus aroma. On it’s own, the chemical is safe, but the problem arises when it is burned.


The formaldehyde that is released through the burning of limonene has the potential to cause cancer. In order to fight the effects of scented candles, keep doors and windows open after use.



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