She Woke Up With THIS Sticking Out Of Her Chest, And You Won’t Believe What Came Out

Living with an unhealthy heart is an incredibly difficult position to be in, especially if you’re young and in the prime of your life. One such young patient, 29-year-old Gemma Bosankon, went to the doctor after experiencing “cardiac seizures,” a condition that causes temporary arrhythmia of the heart.

After having a pacemaker and a heart monitor put in to assess her cardiac abnormalities, she started experiencing some really weird issues with the skin on her chest. What this small mark on her chest led to will leave you freaking out. I never knew that this was even possible. You will be surprised to hear that the problems she had are not uncommon among heart patients.

Meet Gemma Bosankon, a young woman who has experienced some MAJOR issues with her pacemaker and heart monitors.


After having pacemakers put in several times between the years of 2009 and 2012, Gemma had to go to the hospital again after noticing a weird spot on her chest.


As you can see in this photo that she took, something seems to be protruding out of her chest…


Roughly in the location where her pacemakers and heart monitors were previously put in.

This isn’t it, though. The protrusion extended further…


Here is another, more gruesome shot of the edge of her pacemaker box coming out.

Luckily, Gemma had the device removed successfully and has been able to fully recover. Gemma, understandably, experienced some anxiety about exercising after the incident because she was afraid that her heart might stop and her pacemaker might malfunction. She has gotten over these fears and has been able to exercise and keep healthy.


In fact, it is quite common that heart patients have problems with pacemakers.


Pacemakers are known to dislodge in roughly 2.5 percent of patients that have them installed.

However, it is still very rare for a pacemaker to push its way out of the chest skin.


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She Woke Up With THIS Sticking Out Of Her Chest, And You Won’t Believe What Came Out
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