What Your Favorite Egg Cooking Style Says About Your Personality

Poached, hard-boiled, scrambled or fried—who would’ve thought that your penchant for the way your egg is cooked could crack insights into your personality.

Although this article by Goody Feed states that such associations are backed by science, there weren’t any of such sources cited, so just take this as a purely-for-fun read.

Personally, this seems quite “egg-curate”, but then again everyone is different. Have a look at some of the cooking styles below and see how spot on the write-up is for you.


You are friendly, outgoing and enjoy keeping yourself happy most of the time. Your vibrant personality is reflected in your upbeat song choice and active lifestyle. An air of mystery surrounds you–there are aspects to you that others do not see, but want to find out more about, which is why you attract many friends. While you may exude a high-class façade, you are a down-to-earth individual.


Feelings and instincts guide you, which is why you tend to make rash decisions. Being neat and organized isn’t your cup of tea. You love sports and are very health-conscious.


You are a good and loyal friend who is protective of yourself and do not open up to others easily. Life for you is how you want it to be–neat, peaceful and far from any messy drama. You may be slightly conservative and are probably doing well at your job.

Sunny Side-Up

Socializing is right up your alley. You are a wild child who enjoys making friends with everyone. Although you dream about traveling, you most likely end up reading a book in a balcony imagining it to be a hotel. You enjoy fantasizing and this might have a hand in your interesting love life.


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